It has been over three months since my bike journey to Poland


It has been over three months since my bike journey to Poland. I still often think about it. I’m not sure if until now I wrote how much I was grateful to all the people on the way who filled up my bottle with water. Some of them even with cooled down water, which I don’t normally like but in the temperatures in the beginning of July I was very glad for the water which could cool me down a little. One lady offered me a coloured drink but I had to politely decline as I couldn’t imagine drinking anything else in that heat except water.

I don’t know why I came up with the idea to cycle to Poland but I’m glad I did. Many people said that they wouldn’t even think that it’s possible. It was! I was listening to an interesting talk this morning and I wondered if maybe I created new circuits 🙂 which made it possible.

Thank you every one for support. It meant a lot to me.

I will try one day to describe the journey in full. I still have to post HUGE thanks to a saver of my journey who found the perfect tyre for my bike when one of the old tyres got too bad to be able to cycle. He went through every single bike tyre in the shop to find the one I needed. If he didn’t I would need to wait a week before they could deliver the correct size. Thank you!

two people

My angel who found the perfect tyre for my bike


2nd July 2015 – retrospection

2nd July 2015 – retrospection

The first night we were staying in Premiere Classe near Dunkirk. In the morning before I could leave I had to assemble back the bike (the wheel had to be taken off to put the bike to the car). I also had to put the rack because the day before I had the child seat to be able to cycle with my daughter. Plus… for the first time in this journey I had to change the inner tube because the one I used day before bursted while we were driving to Dover. I guess I pumped it too much, it seemed flat most of the time probably because it was too hot. When the temperature dropped, the pressure became too much??? I don’t know, anyway, I started the day from changing the inner tube.

2015-07-02 08.37.57


I left the hotel about 9 am and I felt very happy. The views were stunning.

2015-07-02 09.27.24 I saw some wildlife. First one was a small beautiful rabbit. Too small to know that humans are not too safe for the rabbits 🙂 It was staring at me and I was staring at her/him 🙂 I didn’t get far before I realised that I forgot the helmet. I had to stop in the first village and my husband had to come to drop it to me because I promised that I will be cycling with the helmet.

I tried to use the time to update the blogs but… I didn’t have data roaming. I wanted to activate it before leaving UK but forgot, thought I could do it from the hotel but the internet there was so slow that I didn’t even manege to log in 😦

This meant that I could finally continue the journey at about 11.30.

2015-07-02 10.05.44(2)

Ready but waiting

I felt so happy. The SCOUT application was taking me through the small roads which were very quiet, sometimes I was passing the farms other times I was going through streets with beautiful houses. It looked like in Belgium people were allowed to build what they wanted. There were many different styles. Some I loved others I didn’t but… I liked the fact that there was so much diversity and the houses and the plots were bigger than what I’m used to in England. The life seemed beautiful.

2015-07-02 19.51.16 2015-07-02 11.40.47

The day started very hot but I didn’t mind too much. Soon it started raining and it was nice cycling in the rain.

2015-07-02 11.51.41

The bike seemed to have some problems but I felt happy anyway.

2015-07-02 11.34.22

The rear break seemed to break without me pressing on it. I tried to adjust it few times but it didn’t work for long. The pedals were noisy again but… just when it started getting on my nerves I found a bike shop where I bought new pedals and a very friendly bike mechanic adjusted my breaks in no time 🙂

2015-07-02 14.49.01

Soon later there was a storm and guess what… it started just when I saw a bus stop. I needed a break anyway so had it here about 12:45.

2015-07-02 12.52.37 2015-07-02 12.52.09

Few strange places where the SCOUT application took me through: this one wasn’t much wider than the steering bar and it was just to save me about 200 m.

2015-07-02 18.42.13

This one was even tricker. I had to go up the stairs with the bike and then down at the other side of the river. I wasn’t very happy when I saw it but… fortunately there was another biker in front of me so I saw that they were using the platform on the side. It wasn’t that easy for me with the weight I had on my bike but… easier than carrying the bike up and down.

2015-07-02 15.53.28

This was my free lunch on day two 🙂

2015-07-02 16.44.22

And here few more pictures from day two. The last one is a British Cemetery.

2015-07-02 17.59.58 2015-07-02 14.28.402015-07-02 14.28.25 2015-07-02 14.23.44

All day I was worrying where I would be sleeping because I planed to sleep in the forest but… were none in Belgium. At least until I got close to Brussels where I finally found some forest. The sun set got me on the way there.   2015-07-02 21.12.33

And here I slept the second night of my journey (I didn’t take the tent just the sleeping bag ☺). I stop for the night about 9.25 pm.

2015-07-02 21.26.00